The Bouncedolls Initiative

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We believe women of color that walk bravely in their journey deserve to be celebrated and connected. #blackgirlmagic 

The Bounce Dolls brand was built from a need of inclusion.
The brand was initially created as home for hairstylists and makeup artist to grow in the fashion industry, a place for artists to advance. That area of the industry was so energizing that we began to attract more like-minded women to our salon, growing the BounceDolls family!
We are moms, bosses, geniuses, scientist, singers, artists, lawyers and whatever else we aspire to be. 
You have inspired us in so many unique ways over the years that we’ve noticed has been another source of energy. We are constantly in awe of what it is you do, how you do it, and what motivates you. 


So many women are super heroes and don’t even know it! I want to use this platform to highlight as many women as possible. 
The only thing is we need your help! 
We’ve put together a quick questionnaire to get you to brag to us about yourself... just a bit !
Let’s share some successes accomplishments, dreams, failures stories of what makes you tick or special. Because those are all that encompasses what a BounceDoll is truly about.
To qualify all you need is to be or have been a client at Bounc’n & Behaving Hair Studio. 
Step 1: click here
Step 2: answer the questions and you’re in!


Thank you for adding value to our lives and we can't wait to continue this journey with YOU thru the bouncedolls initiative...We can’t wait to hear what you have to say !

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